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The Dharma Farm is an online Tibetan language translation school. Our tuition-free classes equip translators with the linguistic skills and philosophical background necessary for translating Buddhist philosophical texts.  Our students are international, attending Dharma Farm classes on four continents.  At the moment, over twenty monastic and lay students are developing the skills needed for translating Tibetan.  


Currently, the Dharma Farm is unable to accept new students due to a persistent lack of funds. To donate to the Dharma Farm, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational foundation, follow the link below to our donations page.

Our Educational Philosophy

Our approach to training Tibetan translators is based on the analysis of verbs and syntax as developed by Joe Wilson in Translating Buddhism From Tibetan, Paul Hackett in A Tibetan Verb Lexicon, and other works on grammar by Dharma Farm faculty. For advanced students, our grammar and debate-oriented educational model, based on reading actual monastic textbooks, provides familiarity with technical vocabulary and philosophical literature. Although The Dharma Farm specializes in teaching Tibetan, we welcome all aspects of Buddhist philosophy and culture into our classrooms.


Dharma Farm students are a global community, both monastics and lay people, who wish to develop the skills necessary for translating Tibetan Buddhist philosophical works. Central to the Dharma Farm approach to language instruction is a core emphasis on a correct understanding of the grammar of literary Tibetan.  Consequently, the foundation of our courses is a rigorous primer in grammatical principles and sentence paradigm memorization.


Dharma Farm curriculum for aspiring translators of Tibetan Buddhist philosophical works aims to prepares translators in two ways:

(1) students will acquire the technical vocabulary and fluency with the idioms of Tibetan philosophical writing and


(2) students will also acquire a variety of cognitive maps on which they can locate the ideas and controversies they will encounter in the future as translators.


​​We boast a global faculty and a great team of administrators.


Join our international student body to further your Tibetan studies.