The Dharma Farm is a free on-line Tibetan language translation school founded in 2020 in Oregon as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. Our focus is preparing translators with the linguistic skills and philosophical background necessary for translating Tibetan works on Buddhist philosophy. Dharma Farm students are a global community, both monastics and lay people, who wish to develop the skills necessary for translating Tibetan Buddhist philosophical works.



What we're doing, who we are, how to join us!

Over a thousand years Tibetans and Mongolians composed commentaries on the wealth of sutras and commentaries Tibetans absorbed from India. While progress is being made in translating the Indian texts, almost none of the vast scholastic contribution by Tibetans and Mongolians has been translated into Western languages.

At Dharma Farm, we are committed to studying and translating this literature, which may constitute the largest body of untranslated religious and philosophical texts in the world, and to producing resources for and providing free instruction to others who wish to do so as well.

Central to the Dharma Farm approach to language instruction is a core emphasis on a correct understanding of the grammar of literary Tibetan.  Consequently, the foundation of our courses is a rigorous primer in grammatical principles and sentence paradigm memorization.

Our language instruction stems from and carries on the language training that the faculty of Dharma Farm received at the University of Virginia in the acclaimed translator Jeffrey Hopkins's program of studies in Tibetan language and culture focussed on the translation of Tibetan texts into English.

We boast a global faculty, an international student body, and a great team of administrators. 

Dharma Farm curriculum for aspiring translators of Tibetan Buddhist philosophical works aims to prepares translators in two ways:

(1) students will acquire the technical vocabulary and fluency with the idioms of Tibetan philosophical writing and

(2) students will also acquire a variety of cognitive maps on which they can locate the ideas and controversies they will encounter in the future as translators.

Acceptance criteria for students at the Dharma Farm involves demonstration of a commitment to linguistic precision coupled with the humility to recognize that the ability to access some Tibetan texts may lie beyond one’s ability for a few years and perhaps even require input from the living tradition to fully appreciate a text's depth of meaning.

Buddhists Flower Bowl Offering, Bouddhan


Our classes in Tibetan and Sanskrit language, history, and philosophy are all conducted tuition-free.

The Dharma Farm accepts donations in any amount in order to maintain a tuition-free school. All contributions are tax-deductible within the extent of the law.