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Academic Calendar

Session I

January 11-March 19

January 11                 First day session I 

February 8-12            Mid-session break

March 19                    Last day session I

​March 22-April 2      Spring break (2 weeks)

Session III

July 5-September 3

April 5                         First day session II 

May 3-7                     Mid-session break  

June 11                        Last day Session II 

June 14-July 2           Summer break (3 weeks)

Session II

April 5-June 11

July 5                         First day session III

August 2-6                 Mid-session break

September 3              Last day session III

September 6-17         Fall break  (2 weeks)

Session IV

September 20-Dec 10

September 20                       First day session IV
October 18-November 5       Mid-session break

November 25-26                   Thanksgiving holiday
December 10                          Last day session IV

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