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We Teach Classical Tibetan Translation

The Dharma Farm is an online Tibetan language translation school. We are translators of Tibetan works on the commentaries on Buddha’s Thought Tibetans assimilated from India over hundreds of years. We like to teach others how to translate this, too.


The Dharma Farm, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational foundation.


Our international students fall into three groups


Some students are becoming Tibetan translators and want a detailed examination of the path of reasoning in Tibetan as it is taught in Tibetan monastic colleges to monastics at the beginning of their training.


There are others who enjoy the Tibetan language, but find the philosophy of liberation more compelling.


Then there are those who want the philosophy of liberation without all the bother of learning Tibetan, and, while we are saddened by their choice to forego the joys of learning to decode Tibetan sentences, we welcome them as we explore the philosophy of liberation as Tibetans do.


Our method of teaching Classical Tibetan translation is systematic, detailed, and has proven effective over 20 years of teaching.

About Us

Dharma Farm students are a global community, both monastics and lay people, who wish to develop the skills necessary for translating Tibetan Buddhist philosophical works.


Our approach to Tibetan language instruction emphasizes understanding how Classical Tibetan grammar works.  

Our faculty have published translations of Tibetan works and textbooks for over twenty years.

What we offer students

Our curriculum prepares translators of Tibetan Buddhist philosophical works in two ways:

(1) our courses introduce students to the technical vocabulary and promote fluency with the idioms of Tibetan philosophical writing and
(2) our students also acquire a variety of cognitive maps on which they can locate the ideas and controversies they will encounter in the future as translators.

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