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Reading Georges Dreyfus’s Recognizing Reality
with Bertram G. Liyanage

Dates: Wednesday June 7, 2023-August 9, 2023 (10 meetings).
Class hours: Wednesday: 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

Cost: $150

Learn about Bertram.

Course Description

This course gives Dharma Farm students the opportunity to have fun
reading and discussing the modern classic by Georges Dreyfus,
Recognizing Reality: Dharmakīrti’s Philosophy and Its Tibetan

If you’ve never heard of Dharmakīrti this is the course for you. You’ll get
an introduction to many of the ideas Buddhist philosophers in India and
Tibet have found divergent ways of explaining for over a thousand years.
Here at the Dharma Farm we welcome those starting at the beginning.
Everyone gets a chance to find out what’s the big deal with
impermanence without feeling everyone else in the room already knows.
If you are someone like Craig who has read Recognizing Reality two
times cover to cover – this course is an opportunity for leisurely re-
reading and discussing the fascinating ingenuity we see in generations of
thinkers trying to make coherent sense of the Buddhist philosophy of
language (do words have any connection to real things?), the puzzle of
universals, and competing views on what epistemology looks like when
you think things are real.

The best part is Bertram. He is happy take on the task of introducing
topics, highlighting critical points for us, defining off-putting but
necessary terminology, and prompting us into our class discussions.
This class will be for ten weeks, one 2-hour class per week. Each week
we will look at two chapters, with about 35-49 pages of reading for each

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