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Craig Preston, J.D.

Craig Preston, J.D. University of Virginia. Craig received his Tibetan training from Jeffrey Hopkins, Elizabeth Napper, and Joe B. Wilson at the University of Virginia from 1978-1982. He received a J.D. degree from the University of Virginia in 1985. Craig practiced law on the Eastern Shore of Virginia as a public defender until 1993.

Craig began teaching Classical Tibetan at the Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies in Ithaca, New York. From 2007 to 2010 Craig was a Research Assistant Professor of Asian Studies at the University at Buffalo and with Rebecca Redwood French, Ph.D., J.D. translated Tibetan law codes. As time has permitted, Craig has taught Classical Tibetan intensives in New York, New Mexico, California, and for six years at Maitripa College.

He is the author of How to Read Classical Tibetan, Vol. I & II, and co-author with UVA classmate Daniel Cozort of Buddhist Philosophy: Losang Gonchok's Short Commentary to Jamyang Shayba's Root Text on Tenets. Since 2010, Craig has worked with Jeffrey Hopkins on many volumes at the UMA Institute. Craig's Getting into Emptiness. Jam-yang-shay-pa’s Great Exposition of the Middle: Chapter Six, Introduction -- Meaning of “The Manifest,” Vessels, Nāgārjuna’s Lives, and Sameness and other volumes are available for free download at the UMA Institute for Tibetan Studies. Craig is Director of The Dharma Farm and Chair of the Tibetan Department.

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